Sunday, September 11, 2011

The last four years

The first Monday of September in the USA celebrates the labor of the people. In contrast, the rest of the world celebrates labor on May Day. The US changed the date because it was too close to the whole communist celebration of workers on May 1. Time is flying by at an amazing speed. I’m now in my forties. Just yesterday, I was wondering how my twenties would be. Next thing you know, my thirties is already past me. And now, I’m settling into what used to be middle age. Funny, I don’t feel all that different. Sure, some joints are creaky, but I swear, I just finished high school last year. Life has been a blur the last 4 years. I stopped blogging simply because of my addiction to world of Warcraft. I found it more entertaining to level up a paladin and warlock instead of documenting how my life has been. Perhaps, it was a way to leave my real life worries and go into seclusion into an imaginary world, where I am always powerful, strong and handsome. I see many of my wife’s cousins reach their twenties now. The youngest of them just entered Grade 9, the first year of high school. I remember when she was barely two years old. It was one of my first parties attending the wife’s family. The little kid was chewing on a piece of meat. Somehow or the other, she looked like she needed something so I placed my hand in front of her. Out came a piece of meat that she had been chewing on. The last year, I wrote my attempt at my first book. It chronicles how I went from a deficit of money to getting on ahead. I credit Tuhan Joe Arriola for teaching me the way. I credit my wife for giving me patience and her energy to allow me to change myself. I reconnected to several high school friends. I feel nostalgic when I look at the photos of their children. Some of them are high school age now. Just like yesterday, I was in high school. For many of my friends, life has given its twists and turns. But the general theme is that of experiencing all the highs and all the lows that life has to offer. The things that remain the same are the death of parents, marriage and birth of children. It’s hard for me to reconcile that some of them have families and children who are also having children. It throws me for a loop.

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