Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Peace in the World

One thing that has been following me around is this thing about world peace. I seem to be getting messages from just about everyone that they want to pursue world peace. From the newspapers, to blogs to facebook, I can’t escape it. Personally, I don’t believe that world peace is ideal because it would not be a balanced system. It’s like the Jedis ruling the universe. That’s why Anakin had to bring balance to the universe. There has to be light and dark. (I know, I know, getting a little too deep in the philosophy there.)

This rumination into the philosophy of world peace and balancing systems reminds me of this story. A group of practitioners of a particular religion had this grand idea that they would purify the ills of the world through their religious devotion. They essentially inhaled into their bodies the accumulated poison from the world, and removed said poison. Wonderful news! Great job! Wonderful act of compassion and sacrifice! The world thanks you!

Lo and behold, after several years of doing this, members of said group begin suffering from cancer, cancer, and accidental deaths. Hmm, what could be going on in here?

I’m a scientist. I’m gonna throw a hypothesis out there. You see if it sticks to the wall. First thought that comes to mind is this. If the body became the filter, how was the poison removed from the body? If the poison was not removed from the body, could that explain all the paradoxical bad luck occurring with the group?

I’m thinking, yes, this would explain the unfortunate events. I’ll cite the Law of Conservation of Mass. Per Wikipedia, the mass of a closed system will remain constant over time. One really needs a depository for the poison from the world.

But now, let’s get back to world peace. What does that literally mean? Does it mean that human beings stop killing each other? If so, let’s make it simple then. What actual scenario would precipitate man from not killing each other? I can come up with one scenario: Man no longer exists on earth. That’s one scenario where man is dead, and every man, woman and child on earth is dead. That will assure world peace.

But, if it is truly peace we want, then we would have to include all the animals in there. Animals can’t be killing other things. That means that animals should not kill plants. So this brings us to no more animals on earth. That would get us to peace on earth at least for another 1 billion years or so until those pesky eukaryotes once more evolve and create those damned animals and eventually another hominid.

My suggestion is if you are asking for something from the divine spark, please ask for something that will not cause the end of the world. It’s just me. I want to see my 80th birthday.

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