Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Beginnings

Recently, several events have occurred which have created new opportunities for the SO and I. Looking back, I don’t have to analyze so much what happened since I understand that some things are written in the fabric of the universe. There is no other way for it to happen than how it happened. It happened exactly for the right reason. I paraphrase Morpheus from the movie Matrix.

When leaving the sphere or influence of someone you have trusted and has taught so much for you can be hard and difficult. But if one has truly learned the lessons, then one should be ready for the adversities which life is going to be throwing.

The one positive with the SO and I is that we define our friendships beyond the current time. Our friendships with people do not necessarily need the constant coming together or meet-ups. In some ways, we have chosen people who are so deep that even when we pick up a friendship 5 years later, it is as if 5 years was just a day or a night.

Of course, the great fact about life is that tomorrow always brings you new things. It is going to be exciting to see just what life has in store for these two masters. I know that at the very least, the journey will be interesting. At the most, the journey should be fun.

Thank you Tuhan for the opportunity to be your student. I have learned much.

As for those who follow the path that Tuhan has set, simply step into the path already walked. Life will be easy. But choose your partner well, grasshoppers. For your choice will decide the next 40 years of your life, whether it be that of prosperity or famine.

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