Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend 2008

The three day weekend could not have come to a better time. Work was silly with the irrational decisions of the politicians I work for. With the coming elections, even the politicos in private industry seem to be running for the presidency of the United States of America.

Michelle and I threw our summer wine party with invites going to our friends who have children and or are wine folks. But the Labor Day Weekend hampered attendance since everyone had made plans to go away. Not a problem though as my family came. With the brother and the sister’s family complete with three children, there was enough giggles, shouts of joy, fake tears and innocent questions to last a lifetime. The kids are old enough at three to begin asking “What is sh*t?” My continuous travel to the respectable arena has begun since I really don’t want to explain that to 3 year olds.

I cooked dinuguan, pinakbet and my version of bulalo for the party. The dinuguan was my second try at cooking. My mother-in-law did the final adjustment to the sour side by adding a second pack of sinigang mix. Dinuguan or blood stew is best served with putong puti. So off to Hayward the SO went to find putong puti.

There was a lot of food as my Pin@y gene kicked in and asked the wife to get a platter of pansit. It turns out that a platter of pansit can feed 40-50 people. There were only 14 who came. Hahaha. More food for me.

The wine tasting for the party was fantastic. We decided to open a 1991 George Latour Beaulei Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. The wife looked it up online and found the cost to be $150. I asked her if our guests were worth it. And we decided YES! So off the cork went as everyone tasted the wine. The taste was not like any of what I am used to with respect to red wine. Usually, I favor the biting peppery explosion. The George Latour was mild, hints of cherry and very pleasant. There were bits and pieces of sediment in the bottle. We figured, as the bottle ages, sediment appears. It’s probably what makes the bottle milder. That was our star wine bottle opening for the day.

The rest of the weekend was a blur. On Sunday, it was money group. The lesson there was that the real estate market’s souring affects everyone. Apparently, now, when selling your 3rd or 2nd home, you need to determine how long you lived in those to take advantage of the tax laws. My teacher called it real estate investing as the middle class’ single best advantage to become rich.

Monday, the sister’s family visited for some schwimming. That’s how the kids pronounce it. Even I had to go into the pool! It was some very good times. Reminded me of my own childhood in a pool.

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