Sunday, August 3, 2008

Alterac Valley Strategy

After reaching level 70, I thought that it was going to be easy to get all my PVP gear. After all, playing the Horde in the level 51-60 bracket was such a cakewalk that I figured, the Horde dominated in the 61-70 bracket. Boy, was I wrong.

To get my epic chest and legplates, I had to withstand a barrage of losses of staggering proportions. In the level 60 bracket, I probably lost 10-20 out of hundreds of games. AT one time, I had 60 straight wins. Granted, most of those were grind it out festivals. But, the key was that the Horde won.

At the level 70 bracket, as of patch 2.4, the Alliance can win so quickly, it amazed my brain. Well, after much frustration, I began asking players during the battles what was the philosophy for the Horde. They mentioned the plan which is as follows:

/bg Greetings. The plan is no defense.
/bg Grp 1 & 2 take Aid Station; the gy northwest.
/bg Grp 3 & 4 Balinda and recap IB and TP towers. Need to recap bec no defense.
/bg Grp 5 SHB
/bg Grp 6 IWB
/bg Grp 7 North Bunker
/bg Grp 8 South Bunker

Now, before the plan above, the only way I knew that the Horde can win was a grindout festival with TURTLE. This means 30-40 minutes of killing and healing. But this required a strong defense at the Frostwolf village. That translated to 10-20 players playing defense. Inevitably, this numbers requirement made the offense weak. The offense would not be able to take bunkers at all.

The other disadvantage of the turtle game is that once the Horde loses the graveyards, all is lost.

The first time I saw the plan above, it was when I began to do battlegrounds as an alliance player. What I saw did not work because the alliance could never keep the middle field graveyards. So, the alliance always got stuck at the stormpike first aid hut. The result was a turtle.

The advantage of the plan above is speed. No defense. Everyone attacks and defends bunkers until the bunkers burn. This has a positive of giving honor to the Horde.

The disadvantage of the plan above is that Groups 3 and 4 need to recap or retake the Horde towers towerpoint and icewing bunker. This is needed so that the alliance have to take Drek with one remaining support.

How can the plan above fail? If the alliance manage to take and use the stormpike graveyard, they will be able to disrupt the attack on vandar. Horde must control the stormpike graveyard after thee bunkers have been taken.

Note that the above plan does not require everyone to follow it. So long as the Horde can spread out evenly and capture bunkers, we can be competitive. The idea of the game is speed.

How do you get to the northern bunkers quickly? Right after thee Icewing bunker, there is a path to the left of the main road that will lead to the bottom of the bridge. It is called Icewing Pass. Take this pass and get to the northern area quickly. Assemble at the bottom of the bridge and go up as a group.

The players will pull the guard from the stormpike graveyard. If this happens, take the flag at stormpike.

How about the graveyards in the middle of the field? Horde should not take snowfall graveyard. If the Horde takes the snowfall graveyard, the alliance will begin resurrecting at the relief hut or the stormpike graveyard. You will get a turtle game.

The Horde should try to recap the two Horde middle field bunkers after thee alliance have taken it. These are the key points.

An additional note is that players should not run outside when vandar is about to kill you. If you must, die. Vandar will reset if he goes outside and follows you. This means his life will be full again.

Some players believe that turtling is the only way to win. That is okay. With time, they can see the light. All they have to see is that we can take on Vandar even with one marshall present. I have been enlightened. I hope you are too. Spread the word. Create a macro in your character. Beat the alliance!

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Val said...

OMG I love you :) Thanks for the great information!!

Most of my friends are afraid of PvP and I haven't delved into the PvP guilds much, except for these premades which this one guild holds regularly.

It's great to know a proper strategy can work (and gah I agree with you on the Turtling... first comes Turtle then comes Whining), but it's certainly hard to get everyone working together ;)

I'll point back to your entry here in one I'll write soon, although right now my muse has been sleeping for a few days due to its host being under the weather, so gimme a week or so :) :)

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Snaggle_23 said...

That is a great strat and one that we use on my server all the time. It's important to note though, that you should add a line in your macro that clearly and without question states "D/N Cap SHGY" SHGY being stonehearth GY.

The reason for this is not so much for allies, but for horde. Should 1&2 do their job, the AS will cap quickly. by capping SHGY players will rez there. If it's left alone, even if you die in the rear, you are then transported to the AS where you can help bring down Van.

The two downsides to this are PUG's and a moderate D on allies side. Should allies D up at Bal, or in a tower this throws everything off. I've seen it time and time again, where a group of 5 wipes the bal team and we end up having to take bal down after IWB and SHB cap. It can get ugly fast. Secondly, should pugs not listen....they can screw it all up. All it takes is 5 pugs to not do their job, whether it's recapping or taking a bunker.