Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Don't Negotiate With Terrorists

I don't know what the hell Israel is thinking when they negotiated to release 4 terrorists for 2 of their soldiers.

Frankly, when the 2006 war started, I did not know what Israel was thinking. They started a war because of 2 soldiers.

Soldiers are human. But theey are also soldiers who die. You don't start a war because 2 are kidnapped. But you also don't swap terrorists for 2 DEAD soldiers.

Makes Israel look like a bunch of idiots.

Can someone please give Israel their balls back?

Oh, wait, they might bomb the living hell out of Lebanon and Iran. Wait, let me reconsider this.

Hmmm.... what will god ever do with Israel? I know it's supposed to be god's country, but it seems like God has left the country.

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