Monday, June 23, 2008

Week of June 20, 2008

We began the weekend with plans of going to Costco to replenish the household inventory. By Friday evening, we were both tired and hungry. Looking for a new restaurant, we ended up in Solano where we found an old friend. Bui is a contemporary Vietnamese restaurant. The owner chef was the same guy we knew from Saigon City in Telegraph Avenue at Berkeley.

I ordered the shrimp noodles while the wife ordered the shaken beef. My food was pretty good, but the wife’s Shaken Beef was sumptuous. It was so good, I had to tell the waitress that I know there is a god because Bui was cooking the shaken beef. Truly awesome.

Saturday morning, we trekked all the way to a bowling alley in Clayton Valley Bowling. A true classic bowling center, this location has beautiful wooden lanes full of character and history. I loved how I could slide and kneel with the ball. While I bowled decently with some 150, 140 and 180, my father-in-law managed to break the 200 barrier on the third game.

To celebrate, we ended up going to Benihana in Concord. This was my first time going there and I think I will bring more people there. Thee presentation was pretty good and amusing. I specially like the volcanon.

Sunday, the sister’s family dropped by to swim in thee pool. Really funny to see the twins speak and ask us to go swimming. Those 2 love the pool. I don’t remember liking the pool that much when I was younger, but I probably did.

Then Sunday afternoon was off to a baptism for the wife’s father’s side. Great food that had the highlight of ampalaya with onions.

Another awesome weekend. I am truly lucky. Thank you for your support.

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