Monday, June 16, 2008



Now that Obama is the presidential candidate for the Democrats, we can all go ahead and begin digesting the future.

For my part, I prefer McCain because he has done more in his life than Obama. Just on the part of Vietnam veteran, he blows away Obama already. Let’s see, there’s the McCain Finegold law, which has been gutted somewhat by the Supreme Court. But boy, that gave problems to everyone. 20+ years in the Senate?

Someone tell me something that Obama has done. 6 years in the Senate. Any memorable laws? None. Give America hope? Yes, that will last until a recession has descended upon the United States. How about paying for your parking tickets as a law student at Harvard? Anyone? Anyone? Can you come up with any money? Bwahahahah. Yeah, I already have a president who was snorting cocaine. I don’t need one who does not pay his parking tickets.

I would have preferred Hillary Clinton. Anyone who stuck with Bill Clinton deserves to be in the White House. And, heck, she’s been a senator now for ten years.

I hope Hillary does not run as the VP. She would be damaged by the loss. I can see all those small states turning blue to red.

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