Friday, June 20, 2008

Keith Olbermann and MSNBC

So I finally figured out where all the crap came from during the primary run. At one Obama speech, I heard on the news some reporters go beyond giddy and into ecstatic paroxysms. From the New Yorker article on Keith Olbermann, it was one of the MSNBC contributing news reporters who said something like I have a tingling coming up my leg.

This is all great news since I have always wanted a liberal counterpart to the Bill O’Reilly show. O’Reilly is an idiot and he does not represent all of us Republicans with more than half a brain. And let me not even get into that other druggie of a quack Rush Limbaugh.

I saw Olbermann in LA while I was in high school, and I could not figure out what the hell he was smoking. But it’s good that he found his niche. I certainly enjoyed his rant on the president Bush when he asked him to “Shut the hell up.” Bwahahahha

And for those wondering, nope, I don’t like President Bush that much. But he did hire the best handlers considering he won the 2000 election. I believed at the time that Gore could not lose the election, but obviously, his handlers did not even know that he was going to lose Tennessee his home state. Ridiculous Democrats!

Brings me round about to Hillary. I love Hillary. She sends all the Republicans into the streets gnashing their teeth and hitting their chest. I LOVE her. I hope she stays away from Obama so she can run again next time.

At any rate, people are predicting that Obama’s “AUDACITY OF HOPE” will triumph. After going back on his word by not taking public funds and then saying that the system is broken, I can only conclude that Obama is just another politician. He will say what is advantageous to him. He will lie. And he won’t pay his fucking parking tickets unless he is running for president!

Give me John McCain. A Vietnam veteran hero. A hero, not a liar.

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