Monday, June 16, 2008



Just had an urge to write today.

Most of my time has been spent leveling my paladin in the World of Warcraft. It’s my obsessive compulsive side. I just want one to level to 70.

At work, with the political season marching on, one of my senior managers left the campaign. It’s too bad as he was one of the few who actually saw the work that I did in the campaign. When he left, he mentioned to me that he hoped that I get the recognition that I deserved for serving.

For those who don’t know, my crazy fictional career is centered around politics of the state of Georgia. Yes, while I am in California, I run state elections in Georgia. That is called fiction, nothing else.

I visited my old site Many of the folks on the sidebar are gone now. Muted by responsibilities, time, job, and other things. I understand their liabilities.

I bought a Le Creuset Dutch Oven. For the last 3 years or so, I wanted one. Last night, we fired up the oven and cooked Beef Bourginon, from beef and oxtails. Amazing how expensive oxtails are now. It is $3.59 per pound. I remember it being $2 per pound.

The SO and I have been going to some nice eateries. We went to Le Liaisons in Berkeley one Wednesday evening. She had the seared ahi tuna, fried soft-shell crab and I had the beef bourginon. I remember when it was early 2000’s, I said, how can anyone sit outside of that restaurant and eat? You are next to the gas fumes of the streets.

Well, that was the poverty-stricken me who was speaking. I could not afford the $30 or $20 plates so I had to rationalize away that I could not afford it. But thank God for the many opportunities of America. If you work hard, are educated and make the right choices, you to can be comfortable and enjoy life!

Thanks Tuhan for showing me the way to prosperity.

We’ve also gone to the Drunken Boat, again in Berkeley. For some reason, it reminds me of Vietnam, even though it is a French restaurant. For brunch, we had some nice pork chops and eggs. The pork chop was humongous, fried and smoked. Very lovely though with much salt.

The wife has dragged me to facebook where I now play parking wars. Come join us if you know our names.

The SF Gate Chronicle has an article how a woman making more money than a man has had relationship problems. Thank God I was born intelligent. The SO currently makes more money than I do. More power to her and to us! I have offered to stay at home if she wants me to. No ego here! Get prosperity however you want to get it.

I was amazed by the SO’s capacity to make money as soon as I get a raise. Hehehe. It’s great because I can plan on buying more gas stocks. Oh, yeah, gas is nearing $5 a gallon. Wow, that is high.

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