Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Weekend, J

Last week, had my 3-month dental appointment. I’m trying to take better care of my teeth. Unfortunately, some of the gums have retreated and I have some work to do what with pockets of infection. That was one amazing thing I learned about teeth. They get rotten because of microbes. I ended up switching to Sonicare toothbrush just to get a better cleaning.

On Friday, I went home and played some Wow. I was nearing Level 67. Thee last six months, the drive has been to get to Level 70. Three more levels to go.

The wife wanted to visit a friend in Union City. I was extremely tired. But off to Union City we go. And it is amazing the choices that people make in their lives. I can’t say that I would make better choices if I had not met the wife. But, I would like to think that I would have. Maybe it would have taken me longer, but I would have.

On Saturday, off to money group we go. In it, we discuss the hero archetype and the victim archetype per Joseph Campbell. Can’t say that I ever read his stories but, it was interesting. I always typed cast myself as a hero. But there were some instances in life that I realize, I became a victim.

Over time, as I grew older, I changed myself from a liberal to a conservative. Mostly on financial matters. Deficit etc. Thee social issues, I’m quite liberal. When it comes to money, I want to be a hero. I want to say that I worked hard for my money. I went to school for nearly 2 decades. Heck, I deserve to make money. I chose to go into a profession that would allow me to be comfortable. I chose to save money to save in stocks and funds. I let go of making the world better by saving the world myself. I guess you can say I have the old pattern of making it rich then saving the world through a foundation.

I see poor people on the streets and I don’t wonder why they are on the streets. They made a decision a long time ago that put them there. There is free schooling in America. Anyone can become educated. Anyone can have a good life and a good work. That is why all the poor people of the world are coming here. There is no excuse not to make it in America.

A long time ago, I studied the issues of slavery and racial laws. I observed the patterns of how ghettos were created. I noticed the separation of black neighborhoods and white neighborhoods. And I wondered…. How can someone get out of there?

There are no easy answers. You have to get to school. You can not take drugs. You can not be lured by the easy money of drugs. You have to be stronger than everyone else. You have to overcome the problems. There is no problem that a human being can not overcome once you have decided to overcome the problem.

It is not the government’s job to help everyone. Life is not fair. Some people will have more money than others. And that is okay because it is legal in America to do so.

All of those ideas from Tubig, the money group Already Rich.

I sometimes bring my lunch. I have a lunch allowance, but to save money, I bring lunch. That is how you get rich. By small cents, by one dollar a day.

Saturday was time for tubig. Sunday was a dinner with the in-laws because the brother-in-law was in town. I heard that there were 12 guests in the parents-in-law’s house. It was for a wedding. I can’t even imagine that. That’s a lot of people.

And Sunday was for Wow. I reached Level 67. Oh wait, we also watched WallE on Saturday evening.

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