Friday, April 25, 2008

Why Democrats Lose

Frankly, I am tired of backing losing Democrats.

So, if the Democratic Party has not figured out that Barack Obama can not win, I might as well go out to my main party and back up John McCain.

I like a president who pays his parking tickets. I like a president who can make the tough choices. If Barack was not smart enough to leave his pastor after those incendiary, dumb and idiotic remarks, well, he's not smart enough to get my vote.

And frankly, I wonder.... if he was not black, would he be getting the royal treatment from the press? It's funny, the press can bash Hillary, but they fall in love with Barack.

Oh please, I can see through all that hucksterism Barack has. I smell a dumb politician!!!

So sign me up for John McCain. Asian, Roman Catholic, college-educated, middle-class person that I am. I am not bitter at America, I have not lost my religion. I love guns. I hate gun control. Yup, you can say I'm a typical brownneck in California.

Woot! John McCain! A candidate who had it all. No bullshit. No crap.

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