Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eliot Spitzer and prostitutes

After several weeks of contemplation, I am ready to speak about Eliot Spitzer, now the former governor of New York.

I am not surprised that he had a call girl. Everyone who says that they were surprised are lying. Look at his face, people. He is one ugly madapaka. Even I am better looking than this guy. And if you have heard me talk about my looks, then you would know that this guy was not a very good looking man.

I am proud of men like Spitzer. He kept his habit a secret. The only way he was caught was the FBI. And I bet you the White House had something to do with it. The Republicans always do. WE, the Republicans, know everything and choose to disclose things at the appropriate time.

It is is only the Democrats who don't have any timing at all.

The second point of all this is that Spitzer's wife is to be commended for sticking to her man. That is what marriage is all about. Screw him inside the house and demand a 17 million $ 42.5 pink diamond ring ala Kobe Bryant.

As for the prostitute, at the very least, Spitzer chose someone I would choose. He has some taste. Good looking blonde to fulfill your whims and desire. Alright Eliot! You Go! Maybe you have a career in the show business industry as the next Larry King!.

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maggie said...

Of course he used whores.
He was a scumbag, thru and thru.
He talked of reform but the rules did not apply to him. What did he say about pay to play politics? He said there would be no pay to play politics. And then look at his appointment of campaign donor brandon Sall to a government board.

Dirty. Rotten. Shameful.

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