Wednesday, December 19, 2007

San Diego

Went to visit San Diego for the commissioning of one of the SO’s cousin into the Air Force. It was a great moment to see. A young person commits to a job, an ideology and a set of rules. It made me think of the past when I could have gone into the military.

I wanted to apply to West Point during my junior year in Los Angeles. The academics was the easy part. The difficulty would have been the physical conditioning. What I remember was that the requirements were quite stringent.

A certain number of pull-ups (100 was what I thought). I could only do one. Barely 1 pull-up at that.

A mile run under 12 minutes. It took me 15 to run and walk and take a break.

Throw a basketball cross-court. Hmm, Maybe 10 feet would have been my feat.

I was defeated even before I could apply.

I eventually saw a documentary on how knobs, or freshmen were trained on the summer before the plebe year. Talk about tough. I believe the washout rate was 30%. I would have washed out most likely. I just did not like anyone screaming in front of my face.

However, there are days when I wonder what I would be now as a military man…

Definitely, the ones who were commissioned last Saturday knew what they wanted, had planned on how to achieve their goals, and accomplished their basic needs. For example, a lot of them were already family men. The SO mentioned that they would be family men because at any moment, they could be parted from this world. They would desire to experience that life.

I spoke to the SO’s cousin. He said that I should have tried it. I wonder if I would have met the SO. I wonder if I would be a colonel right now. I definitely would have been in the Persian Gulf War in the 1990’s and also in this year. I would probably have gone into the tank division. Somehow, I liked big armor.

Maybe I would be striding along a tank and be called “Professor Tank”.

Yeah, just maybe.

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