Saturday, December 22, 2007


I firmly believe that everyone has a gift. Everyone has the ability to create something that astounds, that confirms the presence of God and that elevates humanity to a higher level.

As I shopped in Telegraph avenue today, I found one such artist.

In Berkeley, each winter holiday, the city closes the Telegraph Avenue so that the artists and artisans can show off and sell their work. I saw one seller who created beautiful wood inlays on framed mirrors. There is Tagud, a regular in the Berkeley scene who sells Tibetan jewelry. And now, I met Ping, a Chinese artist whose gift is in tilemaking.

Ping does not speak English fluently, but in her art, you see the grandeur of the human spirit. She captures the essence of a place. She photographs and goes back to her shop where she begins the tile work. She had a great gift for color. Beyond that of a photograph, the colors dance and give atmosphere to the tile work.

Unfortunately, she does not have a website. I don’t even think she knew what an e-mail was. I left her my card. I hope to find her again someday because she had some tiles of Europe that I wanted to buy.

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Peggy said...

Did you ever find Ping? I saw one of her tiles and I would love to get one for myself and a friend. I live in the Bay Area and could go to her studio. I looked on Telegraph but could not find her. Any suggestions? Thanks, Peggy