Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why I will not vote for Obama

Just before Barack Obama announced his candidacy for president, he went out and paid the parking tickets that he owned the city of Boston. He received the parking tickets while he was going to Harvard.

The key here for me is that Obama was five years a senator before he decided to pay the parking tickets.

Hmm, I judge people in how they react to the small things in life. I believe that this trait of not paying parking tickets while he was making money in the real world tells tales about the morale nature of Obama.

So, I found it funny that he mentioned during the debates that Hillary Clinton would be like George Bush with respect to secrecy.

Here's where all the Democrats lose out. Obama is so willing to push Hillary into the George W country when Hillary is so far away from being Bush. It just smacks of STUPIDITY. From George W., I expect stupidity. From Obama? I wasn't until last week.


Jb1125 said...

Maybe he forgot about them as he was living in another state and a staffer making sure obama has a clean past before he ran for pres rediscovered them

Randy said...

Actually, Hilary IS pretty close to the Pres when it comes to Iraq and the PATRIOT ACT. She still believes in US presence in Iraq, and she has said nothing about restoring civil liberties. Where Obama went wrong is that he tried to act tough about foreign policy when he really didn't know what he was talking about, and just ended up sounding fake. I'm personally voting for Edwards.

Randy said...

Or if a miracle happens, Ron Paul.