Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Marriage over the Weekend

The sister-in-law T. got married on Sept 8, 2007. It was a grand affair, and my brother and I were hired as the photographers. Some memories:

T looked fabulous in her wedding gown. Her photos of the preparations look like they were from Bride magazine. The photoshoot was helped enormously by a large, large window that let in the sun. A filmy curtain diffused the sunlight and created a glow around the subjects. I took photos of the mother of the bride, the grandmother of the bride and the sister of the bride and they looked fabulous, like models in Vogue magazine.

I held the flash off-hand with a light detector. It was the first time that I did that. The photos worked out quite well. IN some instances, I photographed holding my camera aloft. That created some nice lines with the subject’s heads appearing larger than the body.

The church was a flash of a moment since I was trying to capture it. Good thing the brother was there to be the main photographer. The setup was fabulous.

The photos after the wedding went reasonably well. I made a list of the sequence and gave out the information to people. So, everyone sort of knew to stick around for the photos.

Reception was at L’amyx where the SIL worked. The proprietors were surprised to see 200+ Filipinos in their store. Hahahaha.

I dared M, one of the liturgical readers to read the “Book of Kermit, his letters to the grouches…It is not easy being green…”

A lot of the younger cousins are no longer that young. About five of them have hit the 21 years old mark and are now getting their taste of alcohol. One of them actually had the heaves and dribbled onto the legs. Hehehe. Ahh, youth! But, if they were going to get drunk, this might as well be thee occasion since it was family. There were not going to be any slimy guys picking them up.

In the elevator the next day, a man asks another, “So what are you here for?” The reply was “I was at a wedding.” “Oh yeah, there was a huge affair last night.” The man replied, “No, I was at the smaller wedding.”

Everyone showed up at 6 to 7 PM at the hotel. The whole corridor was packed with people.

I took all kinds of random photos.

The brother in law sang several songs. The best ones were for the father daughter dance. I was hoping he would hit all the notes, and HE DID! “Always and forever….” The wife said that she felt like she was in high school again.

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