Monday, July 9, 2007

New Toys

We picked up the new computer last week and have been busily updating everything. The last computer was with us for at least five years. A lot of things happen in five years. You get married… You move in together… You stop playing your games because the computer keeps crashing!

The newest helper in our family is a G6 Mac computer. Well, not really. I just always wanted a G5. It does have the same aluminum look of the G5, except it is larger. It is in fact a big heat fume spouting little computer. It is amazing that they don’t have as much of a fan noise because at the very back of the computer, you can feel global warming being formed.

How fast is this computer? Well, for starters, it’s got four microprocessors. Civilization games, here I come! It is so fast that I run out of things to look for in the internet. And, it’s fast enough to run Aperture, the new way of cataloging photos from Apple.

I’m personally thinking of trying to get some of the not so new games such as the massively multi-player games. But, that may have to wait. I have to write a book. Oh, did I mention that? I am writing a book.

And no, I have not succumb to the LUST of buying an iPhone. Nope, I dislike the service provider for the iphone that I will not even mention its name here.

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