Monday, July 2, 2007

Monday in Los Angeles CA

Woke up... spoke to the brother... and helped him clean the pool. Well not really, I just took the water rake and raked the water surface.

Then, off to los Angeles to eat, specifically "Nanay Gloria's Restaurant." I ordered the kambing and the ampalaya. The kambing was a little too tough. Ampalaya was not bitter at all.

Then, we did a photoshoot. Is the world ready for my headshots? I hope it is.

Off to the Farmer's market on Fairfax and 3rd street. 25 years in LA and I never visited that place. Now I have. Found a french store inside! Got us a bordeaux and stinky cheese. Stinky cheese is like stinky tofu.

Then, off to Sushi Gen in Downtown Los Angeles.

Sunday dinner was at Tutti Mangia. Lunch was at Sanamlang. Fabulous. Have gained 25 pounds.

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