Friday, July 13, 2007

Hamachi, fusion cuisine

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I have written previously about Kansai Restaurant in Oakland, CA. Tonight, the sister-in-law hit a 200 game in bowling. Last week, it was the SO's turn with a 206. I was gunning for my very own 200 game, but I started thinking in the middle of the game. High score for me was 155.

Chef Tomo is one of the best sushi chefs out there. He spoke of the hardships that a sushi chef has to undergo. It is in a very real sense an apprenticeship. Chef Tomo shared with us his knives. One knife was only for fish. Another knife was only for salmon. Each knife was packed in its own case.

The photos is of a hamachi or yellowtail fish prepared in fusion cuisine manner. The slice of jalapeno brought together the taste into an explosion. In terms of the movie ratatouille, it allowed me to see blip...blip...broing...ding..ding...ding!!!!!

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