Saturday, June 16, 2007

Will You Tagalogs Quit Making Me Look Bad?

The wife tells me "Tagalogs are weird."

She follows it up with "Tagalogs are mean."

And yes, she has personal experiences to back it up.

The SO gets an e-mail from Saudi Arabia. This fellow tells her that her use of the word "GURA" is not proper TAGALOG. I asked her if she responded with "It is not a TAGALOG word." But she was nice and responded that her title as a martial arts teacher was a coined word. To tell you frankly, all the literal Tagalog words used in designating martial artists ranking are coined word. EX. Punong-guro, tagapagmana, etc.

All of these designations arose from the need of Americans (yes, even Filipino-Americans) to measure their progress through a program. Americans want to feel that they are making gains even though they might be standing still.

Then, the SO goes to a Santo Nino celebration last night with the mother-in-law. My MIL grew up in Pangasinan. The SO asked her mom why they do the procession or house to house travel. The SO believes that Tagalogs love praising and praying to idols.

I thought about that a moment and tried to put it into context. I came up with a probable reason why they do it. Tagalogs just love parties and get together. But, if I do it too much, it will look like I am showing off. If I throw a party with the Santo Nino, then, I am not showing off, but I am showing my devotion to the religion.

I guess too many Tagalogs are going into Pangansinan now and starting to do this practice. That is why the house to house visit is very popular. Personally, I need to ask a master carver to make me a Santo Nino that looks Filipino. I don't like praying to a white Santo Nino. Specially one with blue eyes and blonde hair.

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