Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Short Spaniards

A friend has a last name of "altura" which means tall. She told me of how the Spaniards rounded up all the people from Iloilo. then, the spaniards selected the shortest people and gave them the name of "altura" as a joke.

I told my friend that the spaniards did that because they were also short. When we went to Spain, I was so surpised to see that in Madrid, segovia and toledo, half of the population was short.

By seeing how short the Spaniards were, I began to realize just how angry and mad those conquistadores would have been once they settled in the Philippines. After all, they thought they were superior. And yet, they are as short as the lowliest Pin@y. I suppose that I would be mad too.

This explained why the Indios always fought the Spaniards. This explained why the Spaniards hate the Indios so much. The Spaniards saw themselves in the Pin@ys. All the shortcomings, all the failure, all the things that were not done. Everything.

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samsw said...

I agree with you, and I'm a Spaniard :)
Really during centuries Spain conquered countries with the help of part of the population who lived inside those lands, if not they wouldn't be able to do. In wars which physical power was still important a battle between an average spanish soldiers on that century against most of those local people would be a joke. Probably the average Philippine warrior was a bit taller and much stronger