Monday, June 11, 2007

Searching for the Valino Clan

About three weeks ago, at a family party, I decided that I should ask one of my uncles about my lineage. I figured that if I don't ask them now, I might never get the real answer.

So, I spent the next one hour and a half speaking with an uncle of mine who had immigrated to the US in the early 1960's. He spent the first ten years alone, while sending money to his family in the Philippines.

What I realized about genealogy is how tenuous the connections are. For example, some of the facts become very cloudy. With his memory fading, some things become very questionable. With respect to his family, there can be no doubt. But when it came to his uncles and aunt for example, it was difficult to determine if everything was correct or not. Kind of like asking yourself, "What makes reality?"

I went home and began examining all the stuff that I had. I determined that I needed to speak to my mother's generation. She was born in 1930's and her generation was nearing the 70 year old mark. Up to now, their memory is pretty good. But, in ten more years, their memory would begin fading.

I spoke to one of my aunts who had worked with my mother. Turns out, Autie Pat was a great source of knowledge. She had lived the most in the province and knew the Lolos and Lolas by their nicknames. She spoke so fast that I could barely write their names down. I probably need to do an interview of her soon too.

I began obsessing over the great-grandfathers. But that was because Auntie Inday and Auntie Cherry had made tremendous leaps when documenting the linearge. With the information gained from my mother's second cousin and the information from my aunts, I was able to create the bare tree up to my great-grandfather. I estimate that if each generation is 20 years old when they made children that I had the genealogy up to 1870 or so.

Andres Valino married Victoria Fajardo. They lived in Aduas, Cabanatuan City, Philippines. They had nine children:

Pedro Fajardo Valino
Roman Fajardo Valino
Nicanor Fajardo Valino
Ester Fajardo Valino
Calixton Fajardo Valino
Toribia Fajardo Valino
Carlos Fajardo Valino
Apolonio Fajardo Valino
and Felisa Fajardo Valino

These nine children are estimated to have been born around 1890. The last one to pass was Lola Isang or Felisa. I estimate her death sometime around the 1970s.

The females married and changed their names:

Ester Valino married into the Valenton lineage.
Toribia married into the Villaroman and the Clemente family.
Felisa married into the de Guzman family.

If you are a Valino or can trace your familial address to Andres Valino Street in Aduas, Cabanatuan City, please either join the Valino_genealogy yahoo group or email me at retong999 [at] Please replace [at] with @.


ramon magsumbol said...

I have the complete name listing of
ANDRES VALINO wife if Victoria Fajardo, and the 9 children from
Pedro to Felisa Valino from 1964
listing of our family tree....The Sta.
Romana Family of Cabanatuan.

Tatang REtong said...

Ramon, Please e-mail me at retong999 (at) I can e-mail you the family tree I have.

Eladjo Carpio Ditico said...

Is the name Rita Valino Escuadro have any link to this Valino clan?

She was married to Santarina and then to Ditico.

The marriage with the Santarina was blessed with a daughter named Elodia, married to Nicolas Santos. The latters have a son named, Cesar.

While the marriage with the Ditico was gifted with two children, a daughter named Virginia, married to Isidro Dulay and a son named Jose [my father] married to Efigenia Soriano Carpio

Tatang REtong said...

Check out the Valino groups. There is a file there that has been updated to include the 6th and 7th generation.