Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Painter Carlos Valino Jr.

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I have been searching for the connection to Carlos Valino Jr. for the last ten years. Ever since my mother said that there was a painter who taught at the Univ of the Philippines, I had been intrigued.

I searched all over yahoo and goodle and I never found any reference. I bought all the art books from the Philippines and never saw the reference.

Then a week ago, I am searching google for his name and voila! His painting shows up.

I e-mailed the seller and it turns out that she is related to him. I just found (hopefully) a missing arm of Andres Valino's descendants.


ramon said...

ANDRES VALINO's 7th child named
Carlos Valino married to Obdulia Perez.....and their 2nd
child named Carlos Valino Jr.
married to Rosalinda Sarmenta with
their children Elmo and Lorna.
This could be the right person
you are looking for. How are you
related from Andres Valino.....
your parent would be?

Tatang REtong said...

Hello there Ramon. Are you related to the Carlos Valino family? If you are, please e-mail me at retong999 (at) Then, I can e-mail you the Andres Valino family tree.

Nicanor Valino was the brother of Carlos Valino. My grandfather is a first cousin of Carlos Valino Jr.

If you have genealogists or people interested in the Valino lineage, e-mail me. I am doing a project for a reunion in California sometime in 2011.

My information is in the other blog:


Jas Roble said...

can u email me the valino family tree.. my wife grandfather is dr. manuel valino.

Jas Roble said...

Is the family tree is really very important? cause my wife's grandfather is Dr. Manuel Valino which is married to Atty. Lucia ... as far as I know Carlos Valino Jr. is the brother of manuel valino.