Monday, April 23, 2007

Hotels that Were Home

Red Cow Inn
The home we stayed at while we were visiting London. Located in Richmond on the Thames. Fantastic place, nice clean, and WARM!!! Breakfast consists of cereal, croissant and Leicester cheese. Beautiful memories there.

Marriott Champs-Elysees
Our castle during our stay in Paris. Elegant, classy, absolutely first class all the way. I was afraid of the of one hour trips just to get to Paris, so I mentioned to the wife that we should stay where we would be happy. She fancies herself a French woman in a previous life.

$$$ is the denominator for this location. Well, $$$ or EUROS are the denominator for any stay in Paris. Just about everything is more expensive. Probably because you are paying for the beauty, the genteel, and the absolute joy of walking up and down a huge boulevard.

Hotel Raphael
Our last refuge on the last leg of our European tour. Smaller than the previous hotels, but still as good as the others. There was even a bidet!

Nicely located next to the metro and the train. Located in a safe area. Walking distance to two bakeries and a grocery store. Absolutely fantastic!

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